Breaking Memory


I awoke to a breaking memory
caught somewhere between
layers of haze and impending storms

I tried to hold it, to capture the edges
before they dissolved back into nothingness
My mind bent and curved as if it were a porcelain cup

While the vision dissipated layer by layer,
a release of emotion oozed from beneath
Each harnessed the power of an elemental existence

Fire caressed to bring warmth
Earth grounded to balance the struggle
Air whispered to celebrate the wisdom of silence
Water washed to prepare for the best days ahead

While the sun rose fully in a cloudless sky
Deliverance named a perfect morning and
I harnessed the power of a simple existence

I tried to shape it, to tame the edges
until I accepted the beauty of each unique arc
My mind settled as I poured coffee in my porcelain cup

I awoke to a breaking memory
satisfied by the space somewhere in between
where the haze cleared to reveal magnificent storms

It was an awesome sight

Image by Mystic Art Design from Pixabay

prompts: #breatheprompt, #zenverse, #becomingfragile, #WordWhim


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