A Place to Belong

beautifulmess photo prompt

I’ve lost my place
caught out here on purgatory road
I’m stuck in reverse
in this tunnel with no end
in this tunnel with no beginning

The beginning
before everything was
dismantled and disguised
Should have known
when you called me
by her name

Black-inked tattoo
with the last of our money
My heart full of hunger
My soul full of need
I had given up feeling worthy
of second chances
Should have known better

I don’t know where I belong

I’ve become invisible
standing beneath spotlights that burn
I’ve become blind
in a world draped in the color of deceit
Welcome purgatory, welcome

Lonely in the midst of a crowd
False laughter and plastered smiles
I play the game
I watch you play yours
Stuck in the middle
Need a way out

Drowning in that old familiar sea
Don’t you hear me calling
I’m calling
You’re performing
When all is said and done
can’t say I looked the other way
Not this time

Out here searching for a place to belong


photo: #Beautifulmess
prompts: #JulyFalls19, #BecomingFragile, #BadOmens, #Beautifulmess, #InkMine

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