Rainy Days


There’s humility in the rain that visits in the whispering shallows
Here where the world is quiet and still, I listen
I draw comfort from the steady drone that sounds like a heartbeat,
here where drops of water weigh heavy on fragile petals
They glisten like diamonds, like kaleidoscopes swirling
And those tender blossoms?
They accept the weight without effort, knowing it helps them to grow,
knowing the sun will soon be revealed from behind cloud-laden skies
I wonder what stories they would tell lost in this string of changing weather
I wonder what stories I could tell lost in the cycle of an ever-changing life
I climb high in that old tree and sit, just to be a little closer to the heavens
The storm rages and I rejoice, cleansed of countless burdens

photo: mine
prompts: Go Dog Go Cafe – Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge, MLMM – Tale Weaver 232, The Sunday Whirl


  1. A glorious poem Michele, and this wondrous line is quite special…
    “They accept the weight without effort, knowing it helps them to grow,”


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