If We Were Having Coffee, August 18th

iced-coffee-2305203_1920 (1)

If we were having coffee today, August 18th, I’d invite you to come sit with me on the back porch. There’s a fresh breeze blowing and a plate of warm cookies next to tall glasses of iced coffee waiting on the table. I’d ask you to join me in wishing my youngest sister, Maureen, a happy birthday and tell you about the day we spent together yesterday. We went to a fair and had fun going from booth to booth. We met a woman who painted vibrant pictures as she spoke with us. She was quite a character. It was a good time.

As we enjoyed this sun-filled afternoon, I’d tell you about the big changes that have happened in my life. I was offered a job by a national temp agency and decided to take it. My official title is Recruiter Specialist and I will be responsible for interviewing and hiring people who want to be Substitute Teachers. I just completed my first week and so far, so good. It’s a huge change from teaching but I’m excited. I am definitely a person who craves challenges and I am somehow comfortable outside my comfort zone. I’d ask your views on this. Do you find trepidation to be a motivator? How comfortable are you with change?


I’d offer you some more coffee as I mentioned how derelict I’ve been with my writing duties lately. Between getting ready for this job and a quick trip I took recently, I have not found time to write. This is the first time in more than five years that I’ve gone this long without putting pen to paper, but to be honest I needed a little break. I was happy to be able to go on the annual trip to the Poconos with my family. We kayaked and went for walks in the woods and enjoyed each other’s company. It’s so important for me to spend this time each year with my sisters and my parents. I also enjoy visiting with my nieces and nephews, especially as they grow into young adults. My children were not able to make it this year and were missed, but hope to join us next time.


One thing I’ve found with this new phase in my life is how important it is to be a bit more organized. Weekends have taken on a new meaning now that I no longer have the summer off and I actually made a list of things to accomplish before the new work week starts. I need to catch up on my duties on Go Dog Go Cafe. Don’t forget to check out on the new things happening over there. We’ve just added new baristas and I can’t wait to delve into their work. As we finished our visit, I’d apologize for my rushed state and tell you I hope to be settled into a new routine soon.


Until next time…




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