Definitions of Hope

definitions of hope

She endures
She defines
Defines the beginning and the end
Defines life after life
Life captured between the glory of fire and water
Life gifted with infinite wishes
Wishes meant to be serene
Wishes to serve as reminders
Reminders to pardon ignorance
Reminders to pardon greed
Greed borne of ignorance
Greed growing with escalating impact
Impact running the rails
Impact becoming crisis
Crisis has no meaning in the grand scheme
Crisis is but a climate in need of change
Change direction
Change this mindset
Mindset is power
Mindset is perception
Perception runs deeper than the oceans
Perception rules
Rules unwritten
Rules to protect her world
World perfected in a land of imperfection
World created by the Woman Warrior
Warrior serving strength
Warrior cultivating kindness
Kindness in the face of cruelty
Kindness not mistaken for weakness
Weakness has no place
Weakness has no value
Value each member of her tribe
Value each moving piece
Piece by piece they build a nation
Piece by piece they are all-inclusive
Inclusive always inclusive
Inclusive defines life after life
Life gifted with infinite edges
Life exploring the glory found between fire and water
Water to nurture the soul
Water to nurture the body
Body collective holds sovereignty
Body after body builds community
Community she created
Community of hope
Hope promotes healing
Hope in the name of tomorrow

photo: Image by Kranich17 from Pixabay
prompts: Go Dog Go Cafe – Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt, #BardBits, The SundayWhirl

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