Belief and Madness

belief and madness

And ashes to ashes as we go
burning it to the ground
in this, a parallel world
where our wishes drape the sky,
twinkling for but a moment before they fall
crashing to the earth below

Is it madness to believe?

We laughed as we climbed the clouds,
hanging intentions with care and
believing each would light the way
in every moment of darkness
Sustenance in times of hunger,
these dreams that framed our future
Rainbows we created to overpower
those fierce, unrelenting storms

Is it madness to believe?

With bolts of lightning and shuddering thunder
all that we made together was destroyed
Under curtains of rain controlled by cold, cold winds
we found shelter, we found hope
In the space between pounding heartbeats
we climbed again, if only in my mind

Madness, madness to believe

Image by TweSwe from Pixabay
Prompts: Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge, #PoemTrail


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