On this spectacular day
so stunning in its beauty
it takes your breath away
I heard the news

Such announcements should arrive
on the edge of storm clouds
Dark and angry
Throwing daggers of electricity at a dark night

With howling winds cursing the skies
And crashing rolls of thunder calling his name
The air should be heavy with sorrow
Concealing the sun that should not shine

I heard the news
I heard the news
I saw his face, that sweet face
and I realized…

This glorious day frames his life
A celebration of light and comforting warmth
with sweet breezes wrapping me
in a gentle embrace

The returning songbirds are singing his name
as Spring flowers dance to his song
Always quick to laugh and enjoy each day
he chased any storm clouds away

This spectacular day
the perfect tribute to my friend
Although I am struggling through this storm
He is the dazzling rainbow that brightens the day

photo: http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e136/Lib1014/rainbow1.jpg

*Reblogging this in honor of my friend Ray
#ENDALZ  #AlzheimersAwareness  #Walk2EndAlz


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