THROWBACK FRIDAY, This Lost Shadow, by Ivor Steven

Read this poem by my friend Ivor, one of my favorite writers.

Go Dog Go Café

Hello dear readers and fellow Barista’s. Here I’m posting my first ever published poem, that appeared in a book edited by Gwendolyn Taunton, called Melpomene(2012), click this link here for further details >>      I wrote the poem in 2010, and it’s a poem that I had luckily saved, because back in the early days of my writings (18 years ago), I would throw most of poems in the bin, … I thought them to be too sad, introverted, or just not good enough….. Without further ado here’s the poem

This Lost Shadow

I’m writing this song for my body and for my soul.

I’m singing this song, about my return from the cold.

Why am I so tired, is sixty so old.

Why am I so sore, have I been far too bold.

I’m so physically worn and so mentally torn.

I’m so worried about my every waking…

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