Exceptional poetry by a gifted poet!

Megha's World

First published in Life in 10 minutes, October 2018


Learn and learn to love

how the lonely hands discern

themselves and looks for completeness


which is carved out of us discordant beings

everything has a purpose

even the rotting leaf becomes sustenance

for tiny wiggling earthworm

happiness recycles itself

the golden rule of nature

it becomes pure to be embraced again

as you make space in your broken

heart for the new budding relationship

everything gives way

like the old dried autumn leaves

a vibrant bookmark for the seasons turning

Patience is a virtue,

time is a great mystic,

the fondness of something new

is the acceptance of pain.

Listen and hear closely

the loom is churning

our the songs of happiness

pain getting recycled

open our discordant minds

clear the web and webbing

hear closely the winds are singing

that lullaby again.


Photo by Andrik Langfield on Unsplash

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