Some are Blue


Heartbroken, in a state that somehow exists
in the spaces between each day,
each hour, while we count the losses and
trip on blessings we resolve to hold

Disappointment breathes and moves and dictates
like a grand conductor on a broken stage
shining light into every corner
as even dust turns into daggers

Ethereal, this world covered in heavy fog
and perpetual rain and sunny days so bright
they blind and burn and mock and maneuver
knowing the strength to find hope is just out of hand

And while those spaces stretch and expand
and almost consume all the viable air,
something breaks and defers to the power of
faith — the great equalizer


Image by Avi Chomotovski from Pixabay
prompt: OctPoWriMo Day 18

I’m still participating in #OctPoWriMo but the site won’t let me leave my posts there. 😦

Line Messaging is a poetry form created by Angel Favazza[.It] is a poetic form wherein the poet utilizes the last line of each stanza to help represent an overall idea. So if the last line of each stanza is read together (separately from the poem) it will have an independent message or be a poem all on its own.” –

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