If We Were Having Coffee, November 3rd


If we were having coffee today, November 3rd, I’d invite you to sit at the table with me. The day is bright and beautiful, but November’s chill has arrived. It’s a perfect time of year. As we shared some of the pastries from our local bakery, I’d confess that I’m happy October is behind us. It was a difficult month with a lot happening in my life. I didn’t have much time for writing, and for the first time since joining #OctPoWriMo, didn’t have the ability to post each day. I’m encouraged by the freshness of a new month and a chance to change my perspective.


As I refilled our cups, I’d tell you that I finally feel settled in my new job. I couldn’t work with a better group of women and enjoy going into the office each day. I’m starting to gain confidence and feel like I know what I’m doing now. I still have much to learn, but these ladies are incredibly supportive and haven’t seemed to tire of my endless questions. We dressed up for Halloween and although that’s not something I’m generally inclined to do, it was fun.


I’d tell you that I recently lost my aunt. Every memory I have of her includes her radiant smile. She was blessed with a wonderful sense of humor. I have so many memories of her laughing. She called me “Shel” and would often remind  me that she was my godmother. Her daughter and I were penpals when we were kids and spent years writing letters back and forth. She was “Country Mouse” and I was “City Mouse”. I miss the innocence of those days. My aunt’s passing signals that step into a new phase of life that I’m not ready for. Some days I wish we could freeze time.


In an effort to slip past this melancholy I’m feeling, I’ve been pulling together my writing plan for the upcoming year. I hope to schedule blog posts ahead of time on Go Dog Go and on my own blog. I’ve also been plodding along with some writing projects that have been in the chute for far too long. Time to wrap those up and start new ones. Part of my To Do list is to clean up my Submittable account and begin a new course of sending out poems and short stories. As our time grew short, I’d ask about your plans for the New Year, writing and otherwise. I’d tell you how a friend contacted me about starting a writing group and how I need to follow through on that.


Perhaps we’d take a walk before you left. I’d tell you how much it settles me to do that. My husband and I went for a hike last weekend and went to the local cider mill yesterday. I even stopped at my local library and got my library card. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to do that, but I’m glad I did. I have a feeling I’ll be spending some time there with my laptop. It’s a lovely writing space. As we finished our visit, I’d tell you how I appreciate this time we spend together. It’s good for the soul.


Until next time…



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