Kept in Resolution

Top view of open notebook with wirtten 2020 goals. Yellow flower

A time for ending
A time for beginning
Beginning to make plans
Beginning to make a move
Move to find warmth in Winter’s wisp
Move to find meaning down where the stars sleep
Sleep to find dreams
Sleep to escape nightmares
Nightmares leaving me trapped
Nightmares leaving me stripped bare
Bare my teeth and find courage
Bare my soul and find strength
Strength to survive
Strength to surpass
Surpass restrictions
Surpass broken paths
Paths veering right
Paths veering left
Left to my own device
Left to my own lists
Lists of each sorrow
Lists of every wrong
Wrong is the choice to underestimate
Wrong is the choice to assume
Assume I’ll accept
Assume trust can be rebuilt
Rebuilt versions of what I know
Rebuilt resurrections of yesterday
Yesterday I was still
Yesterday was different
Different views grant perspective
Different views I hold now
Now I tell a new story
Now I wave goodbye
Goodbye to a difficult year
Goodbye to ungranted wishes
Wishes for hope on the horizon
Wishes and wishes again
Again I climb
Again I claw
Claw to reach new goals
Claw to reach a new life
Life grows in darkness
Life grants sweet surprises
Surprises as I wave to the new year
Surprises as I share resolutions
Resolutions made
Resolutions kept
Kept the best for last
Kept the best to chance

photo: Flickr/Marco Verch
prompts: #VerseAngel, The Sunday Whirl


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