Two Hearts

two hearts

Remember our warmth —
let it be the tower of strength
as the world around us crumbles

When a simple touch bruises
and tender words injure,
remember, remember

When the dove loses its way
and the hawk tips its wings through a black night,
whisper the promises we made

and remember

Hush the fear that dwells in your heart
and hear the call of hope,
a siren that stirs the soul

When the long fingers of age beckon
and our favorite symphony suddenly sounds discordant,
remember. remember

Let the world around us crumble
You are my tower of strength as I am yours
if we remember our warmth —

this, the beating of two hearts

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
prompts: #inkMine, Sunday’s Whirligig, Lyric Ideas


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