This New World


I step slowly through shallow water
Through the light and the dark, I walk
seeking solace in this new world borne
just beyond Winter’s Horizon

Back in my assigned place and
armed with new weapons, I wait
and wait,
and wait

Sometimes I cry

Sometimes I sit in the corner
of the maze I’ve created in this
ever-shrinking world and scream
I am trapped

Sometimes I bow my head in prayer,
thankful for those braver than I,
for even weary and worn,
they fight for us all

And at last when these days are spent,
when the invisible enemy has been beaten back
and I crawl back from the wreck and ravages of war,
I will weep again to honor those we lost

photo: mine
prompts: Writer’s Digest April PAD Day 1, NaPoWriMo Day 1, The Sunday Whirl, #VerseAngel

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