Memories and Prayers


Confined to her own world, she walked a labyrinth
created in the garden during days without end
It was a labor of love and a nod to serenity—
this peaceful place of healing, this safe haven
Time spent wishing in circles, waiting, waiting
as fresh winds carried the scent of crashing waves

Moments of weakness and angst appeared in waves
on those days fierce storms kept her from the labyrinth
She’d press her face against the windows, waiting
as thunder seemed to roll without end
How she longed for that safe haven
while she whispered the prayer of serenity

Grasping for grace, an alternate serenity
she smiled as memories swept over her in waves
A torn photograph of once was a safe haven
in another time, another labyrinth
A hand in hers when love knew no end
An answer to her prayers, waiting, waiting

She was a child then, waiting
for the woman who was herself Serenity
Light and laughter for hours on end
each Sunday as they danced in the waves
after a picnic on the beach beside the labyrinth
A ritual, a safe haven

Memories, a particular kind of safe haven
tucked away and silently waiting
in her mind’s own labyrinth
to provide much-needed serenity
even as her world trembled in waves
even as she waited for this strange time to end

And so in these days without end,
in these quests for a safe haven,
fortitude came in waves
waiting, waiting, waiting
to define this thing named serenity
to trace steps in a perfect labyrinth

In the end, she embraces the waiting
In the end, this safe haven is serenity
In the end, waves of nostalgia carve a new labyrinth


photo: mine
prompts: #WritingForward, Lyric Ideas

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