Is anyone else feeling a little restless during these troubled times? Here’s a post from 2014 I’m sharing for Go Dog Go Cafe’s #ThrowbackFriday.


I’ll run to the mountains
Hike amidst a forest
of lush green
where creatures scamper
quietly, out of sight
and sunlight dances through the leaves
creating tranquility


I’ll run to the beach
Stroll on the edge
of pounding surf
where waves beckon
rhythmically,  eternally
and soft sand caresses gently
creating contentment


I’ll run to the city
Saunter among the throngs
of wide-eyed tourists
where sights dazzle
bright, inspired
and accomplished performers entice
creating possibilities


I’ll run to that place in my mind
Dash between the layers
of copious imagination
where dreams live
vivid, streaming
and hopeful prayers are set free
creating peace


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