Doors to nowhere


Unassorted stories

Doors to know where

Doors to now – here

Doors to – no, where?

Doors to know. Here.

October Poetry Month starts on a Thursday this year, so it comes with doors… I’m happy to be joining both #ThursdayDoors and #OctPoWriMo again.

The pictures of the doors were made in the summer, because I can’t pass beautiful doors without thinking about our weekly door gatherings Over at Norm’s online place.

These doors are prison doors, photographed in a prison museum. I had to make them with my selfie camera, because the normal one on my phone is still broken. The door that touched me the most was the one that had second world war “graffitti” on it. People who had been imprisoned for opposition agains the occupier (Nazi-Germany) had carved their names in the door.

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