If We Were Having Coffee, November 1st

If we were having coffee today, November 1st, I’d invite you in from this cold, rainy day. Come sit at the table with me. I have some delicious tiramisu and Halloween candy to share. I’d ask if you are as surprised as I am that it is already November. Where does the time go?

As we sipped our coffee, I’d explain that I have been super busy at work. I’ve been back from furlough for about a month now and am working in a different area. I’m still recruiting and love the chance to talk to people from all over the country. My new job is very involved and I’m on the go from the moment I start until the end of the day. It’s a challenge but I’m really enjoying it. Because it was October, I was also busy writing poems for OctPoWriMo. I did miss a few days this year, mostly because of work-related responsibilities, but it is an event I look forward to very much. I follow along with an event hosted by Morgan Dragonwillow. She puts so much effort into the prompts and associated poetry forms and I learn something new each year. You can check out the blog here. There are many talented people who participate. You should think about joining us next year. It’s a lot of fun.

Between writing and work, I didn’t finish reading as  many books as I had hoped in October, but the ones I read were fantastic. I especially liked The Lions of Fifth Avenue by Fiona Davis and The Paris Hours by Alex George. I was lucky enough to hear Fiona Davis speak at an AAUW Author’s Luncheon a few years ago. She is an amazing writer, definitely one of my favorites. While we munched on the Halloween candy, I’d ask you who your favorite authors are and if there is a particular genre you favor. I am a huge historical fiction fan but recently got into mysteries and thrillers. I posted a review of The Guest List recently. Have you read it? Tell me about a great book you’ve read recently. I’m always looking for new books to read.

Things on the home front are good. I’m a little sad the weather has turned and I can’t spend time out on the patio, but I’m settling back into the inside spaces. We moved all the plants inside for the winter, so that makes things cheery. We also moved the koi into a huge fish tank. That’s been a little battle to get things just right, but I do enjoy seeing them swimming around. Big Kitty, Little Kitty, and Rocco are doing well -- as needy as ever. They follow me from room to room and the cats sprawl across my desk each day as I work.

I’m still debating whether I’ll participate in NaNoWriMo. That’s where you participate in a national event and commit to writing each day so that by the end of the month, you have completed the first draft of a novel. I’ve started in the past but never completed it. I’m usually burnt out after spending a month writing a new poem each day. I do have a historical novel in the works that I would like to finish though. We’ll see. How about you? Any big projects in the works?

Well, I’m off to finish my weekend cleaning. Thanks for stopping by! Until next time...

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