Until Then…

more and more and more

more than miles or moments

more than yesterday or even today

snippets of conversation scrape against kaleidoscope images;

a welcome assault on each of my senses

that brings me back to the last day we shared

my skin shivers recalling that soft breeze kissed by an early winter’s chill            

my eyes water blinded by the memory of the setting sun crowning treetops with golden rays

my ears strain to hear the remnants of our laughter settling in the carpet of fallen leaves 

my nose seeks the scent of patchouli and pine layered between the fresh air

but my lips, my lips only know the bitter taste of anxiety

each day a gift too often taken for granted

each bond tested and made that much stronger

each breath a prayer for a much need reunion

more and more and more

more than miles or moments

more and more

I need more

photo: mine


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