If We Were Having Coffee, March 21st

If we were having coffee today, March 21st, I’d invite you to come sit out on the patio with me. It’s a perfect day. I spent some time pruning the roses, wisteria, and honeysuckle and although there is much left to do to ready the space for warmer weather, it feels so good to sit outside. I made some delicious orange-cranberry scones this morning. Grab one to have with your coffee and let’s chat.

I don’t know about you, but these first days of Spring are good for my soul. Hearing the birds serenade one another and discovering all the young shoots peeking out of the ground cheers me up. It’s been a blue winter. The fact that my husband and I have resumed our daily walks has helped as well. I feel fully immersed in this season of rebirth. How about you? Are you enjoying the warmer weather?

I’m trying to plan Spring Cleaning projects and I’d love to sneak away for a day or two. I’ve been thinking about going up to Lexington/Concord in Massachusetts. There’s a literary trail I’d love to explore and the history of the area fascinates me. It’s close enough that a quick get away is entirely possible. Are you planning any trips soon? Things are starting to open up again and I’ve heard that travel is on the rise. I like the idea of the Lexington trip because I think we can poke around without being with a group and feel like as long as we follow the safety protocols, we’ll be safe. Isn’t it astounding how even our thinking has changed because of the pandemic?

My writing journey continues. I have to admit I am struggling more than ever to balance work and writing. I switched departments when I returned from furlough last October and while I  enjoy my new role, I am working longer hours and don’t always have it in me to write something at the end of the day. I’ve been trying to brainstorm and schedule a weekly blog plan and now tend to write and schedule posts a day in advance during the week.  I also started a bullet journal this year which helps me keep things on track.  On a positive note, I recently found out that a teacher is using my poetry books and my YA novel in his class. I love that! I wish I could be a fly on the wall to listen to the discussions.  

For those of you who write, how often are you submitting your work?  One of my writing goals this year is to be more mindful of that. I’m listing journals and contests in my bullet journal and have managed to submit a few poems so far. I’ve progressed to advanced spots in both although I know I didn’t make it to the final round in at least one contest but that’s fine. I’m excited about the latest novel I’m working on. I should post the opening pages at some point.

I’m picking up my sister in a bit and she and I are heading up to our other sister’s place. She has a lovely house in the woods that borders a preserve. There’s a fantastic barn and a pond on the property. It’s a great writing spot but today it’s all about catching up. They’ve had their vaccines and I’m scheduled for mine next month.  Hints of life going back to normal are all around.     

Thank you for stopping by! I always enjoy these visits. Until next time…


  1. How smart of you to plan your posts a day in advance. Sometimes I have 3 or 4 drafts on my WordPress site ready to flesh out the idea that popped into my head somewhere along the way. I find those drafts are great starters. Congratulations on getting your books intot he hands of a teacher who uses them with her class. That must be a gratifying feeling! ❤

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