Within the origins of love,

promises unfold like the delicate petals

of heirloom roses

a tender bud grows

And in those first moments

when lusty cries are cause for celebration

the world is one of purity and wishes

the first blossom, soft and fragrant

Like a small package carefully placed

in an even smaller space, it is venerated

on an altar of hope

slowly opening with picture-perfect beauty

Even as fantasy becomes reality, 

the bond grows stronger and prepares

to weather any storm

a solo masterpiece in a garden of chaos

Brisk winds may blow and tears may fall

Those promises may be tempered

with whispered prayers

Stunning even as strength wanes

Generous even as it makes room

for wildflowers to grow

Image by Merio from Pixabay 

Prompts: Go Dog Go Cafe, #52wp, #zenverse


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