Carpe Diem

Brand new yesterdays

are born in layers of silt

carried through great granite canyons

by floods meant to wash away

all that upset a delicate balance

In and of itself, this silken sand left behind

marks each milestone

Like an old-fashioned love song

mourning its beloved, it shares a story

of frenzied longing and reckless greed,

ticking off every missed opportunity

and lamenting each wrong turn

Yet it is in this disquiet, in this disarray,

that solutions are found

A moment to consider consequences

A slight shift toward kindness and consideration

A chance to embrace pain to find true healing

A nod to the incidental fueling the fires of power

An appreciation of today, this day, as it fades into tomorrow

Cover Image Pixabay

Inside Image by StockSnap from Pixabay 

Prompts: Whirligig 313, #moonmystic, #YDPrompt, Reena’s Exploration Challenge 180


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