Free to Heal

let it take you there

let it permeate your bones and set you free

free to explore the wild and untamed

free to replenish that emptied soul

soul broken with breathtaking precision

soul befriended by darkness

darkness as friend

darkness as comfort

comfort in chromatic prisms of grief

comfort in defeat

defeat and sorrow as indivisible forces

defeat worn like a second skin

skin and bones

skin and bones

bones shattered

bones as the goal

goal misaligned

goal reinterpreted

reinterpreted direction takes time

reinterpreted life takes divine intervention

intervention in many forms

intervention as the first step

step into the light

step toward outstretched hands

hands of healing

hands to hold

hold onto hope

hold onto borrowed strength

strength and a deep breath

strength and other people

people who made a difference

people who rose above the whispers

whispers about crucial situations

whispers of a heart

hearts mend in time

hearts never forgot

forgot to let that guard down

forgot what is meant to trust

trust in that wild and untamed place

trust in that space buried deep inside

inside where your spirit remembers

inside where you are free

free to let go of the chains

free to begin again

again you’ll find laughter

again you’ll find love

healing is the heart of the matter

I believe in you



Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay 

Prompts: #TallVerse, #atreyasverse, #becomingfragile, #painfulprompts, Sunday Writing Prompt, Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie.


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