Romance of Dreams

And even in these times of loss, we’ll dream

You’ll meet me in the meadow and take my hand

We’ll walk in the rain and dance to celestial music

Each note will hold answers to every question we ask

Blessed with the beauty of Evermore, we will find peace

This is a majestic place where we’ll celebrate our great romance

From where you are sitting, embrace memories of this romance

From where I am sitting, I send you this sweet dream

And even as our senses shatter, we’ll find peace

Hope lights an inferno of desire to hold our hearts in hand

Have a little faith; that’s all I ask

Close your eyes and follow that soft music

Join me here where the air is filled with music

It tells the story of our great romance

and even the angels will ask

to meet us in this magical dream

Close your eyes and find my hand

Join me in this land of peace

Yes, even in these times of loss, there is peace

Listen for the sound of celestial music

Look for my outstretched hand

You are my love, my life, my romance

You are my dream

I’ll help you find the way if you ask

Let’s slip away, let’s ask

for divine intervention to grant us peace

if only in our shared dream

if only by the consecration of this celestial music

if only to honor a great romance

held sacred as we travel hand in hand

Close your eyes and find my hand

I’ll help you find the way; just ask

We’ll embrace memories of this romance

Together we’ll find peace

serenaded by celestial music

Close your eyes and dream

In your hands, I am at peace

When you ask, I am celestial music

This is the romance of dreams

Cover Image by Orange Fox from Pixabay 

Inside Image by StockSnap from Pixabay 

Prompts: #AprilFalls21, #smallleafprompts, #APRPAD Day 14, #IntrigueVerse, #PenPixels


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