Flights of Fancy

In my dreams, I am content

Standing on the edge of a bluff

that overlooks crystal-clear blue waves,

I spread my arms beneath honey-drizzled skies

In my dreams, I can fly

Soaring above gold-speckled plains

that embody simpler times draped in grace,

I bow my head and give thanks with an open heart

In my dreams, I have room to grow

Still seeking to capture the beauty of unknown lands

that my once weary eyes spied on glossy pages,

I pirouette across the top of golden bridges

In my dreams, I feel the freedom of the wind

I can fly



Image by Nicolò Anastasio from Pixabay 

prompts: Five Minute Friday, #OctoberFalls21, Sunday Whirl 520


  1. Lovely poem, Michelle, with some dandy imagery. A favorite line: “I spread my arms beneath honey-drizzled skies”. I also love the repetition of the ending line in Stanza one and the final stanza and the visual of that 2nd fly & away– off to the side as if flying away. Thank you. xoA

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