When demands are too great and

the shouting reverberates,

the world becomes very small

except for the blame —

those accusations and grievances

that loom far across the horizon

Today I’ll carve an untroubled space

Even the most broad shoulders have limits and

even the most dedicated partners have boundaries

Even the most patient person can be pushed too far

Times of conflict give pause, whether by choice or necessity

An opportunity presents; step back before the damage can’t be undone

A fighter will always choose battle

but a warrior will choose strategy

Find the warrior within

Today I’ll carve an untroubled space

Claim those moments to self-reflect

Remember that play is sometimes the most important work

Relax and reconnect to the pieces that make you whole

Connect to all the quiet spaces and listen

The answer to each next step is there


Today I’ll carve an untroubled space

Image by Shahariar Lenin from Pixabay 

Prompt: OctPoWriMo Day 9


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