Madness is Near

a kind of magic

a kind of madness

madness in the ways I’m missing you

madness that grows with every heartbeat

heartbeat pounding in my ears

heartbeat pounding, pounding

pounding the edge of memory until it is velvet-smooth

pounding on boundaries that separate me and you

you once were my everything

you once were my reason to breathe

breathe through this red-scented grief

breathe through this loss I feel

feel your presence everywhere

feel you drawing near

near the path where we first met

near the rustling of angel wings

wings take flight as I wave this wand

wings take flight as I commit to this moment

moment to touch you

moment to believe

believe we can meet again

believe that some dreams are real

real life is overrated

real is my love that soars above

above the day I day I lost you

above the ways I lost my bearing

bearing this sorrow slips around me like a second skin 

bearing this sorrow is all I can take

take it as long as I can

take it until I forget how to give

give it over and learn to let go

give it over and let go

go to that path where we first met

go to edge of the universe

universe as small

universe as vast

vast opportunities for healing

vast horizons to set a course for the future

future without you 

future alone

alone to seek an ounce of magic

alone to soak in all that magic

magic and mystery

mystery of how I find myself here

mystery of how I still feel you near

near the end and still the beginning

near acceptance

acceptance  is near



photo: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge 386

prompts: OctPoWriMo Day 13, Lyric Ideas, Writer’s Digest prompt 574

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