Ode to the Storm

Night skies escalating with power and splendor

drape the horizon in sparks and a fantastical flash

Howling winds rattle my bones as I surrender

with each beat of cacophonous thunder…Crash

Awashed in renewal beneath a torrential downpour

everything before begins to fade

The storm itself a momentary reprieve

Each strike of lightning borne of this lore

Awesome beauty of the tempest displayed

I whisper I believe, I believe

Morning light paints the world soft and tender

Raindrops sparkle like diamonds on the white ash

remnants of a night calling me to remember

Nebulous lessons, a valuable cache

and on the sweet breeze, dreams soar

to mark a day cleansed and unafraid

Surviving tribulations, ready to receive

Wanting nothing but to explore

the message of the storm conveyed

as I give thanks and take my leave

There’s more than one way to be illuminated

yet each leaves me sated

Image by Joe from Pixabay 

Prompt: OctPoWriMo 2022 Day 2


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