masquerading as philosopher and student

I search for order within these spirits of blue

moving at breakneck speed 

through forests with barren branches,  

delicate limbs spread like ribs cracked open

in the aftermath of chaos

a cathedral of sorts

this place of healing

a haphazard parade of shadows

moving gently towards the light

unaccustomed to this bright sunshine

my eyes lower until I find purpose

uncertainty drumming in my heart

as I resume the search for peace

walking to the edge of the place

where hope clings thick and heavy

as if to smother the fear and confusion  

housed in the dilapidated barns I pass along the way

beside a town that no longer knows my name

I leave unanswered love letters on every doorstep

to the ones who rendered me mute

as they whispered platitudes and false prayers

to the ones who rearranged the rules

as they assigned judgment

to the ones who writhed, uncomfortable

with sorrow they would not claim

to all who collected faded blooms

that carpeted hallowed ground without reverence

to all who survived my flood of tears

without extending a hand

to each, I left these notes

as my face turned toward the warmth of forgiveness

Photos: Image by Dorothe from Pixabay, Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Prompts: Poetry Potion, #2WordPrompt, #Crowstales, The Whirligig, The Sunday Whirl

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