Michele Vecchitto is a writer and middle school teacher.  Her poetry has been published in literary journals and anthologies as well as in two self-published volumes. Michele read her poems at the Austin International Poetry Festival and was honored to be included in When Time and Space Conspire.  In addition, she recently published a young adult fantasy novel, Tales from Blarnach: The Chosen One. She continues to hone her craft simply to breathe life into the stories living in the corners of her mind. When she’s not lost in her writing, Michele can be found indulging in the cuisine of her husband, Chef Mark Vecchitto, or delighting in the antics of their quirky chocolate lab and two Ninja cats.

Mission Statement

With pen and I paper,
I aspire to paint portraits
with words that find color
in a black and white world

I value each hue that brings
new perspective to thoughts
we may share and understanding
to ideas not yet considered

While wandering in a place
of my own creation, I invite
each reader to come along
and teach me, to show me how

to see with new eyes
to feel with an open heart
to understand with a clear mind
to create with connection and purpose

51 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your writing and your way with words!! I mean come on? How dead on and funny is – Ninja Cats? I’m still laughing! A perfect description of a cat calmly lying on the couch and then jumping up and racing to the other room like a dog is chasing them! Well, in your case that could actually be true – yes?

    Looking forward to following you!!!

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  2. Hi Michelle,

    How are you doing? I have been searching my emails for your interview today and I cannot find it. I know I had it as I emailed you back that I received it but somewhere it’s been lost. I’m very sorry about this but do you have a copy of the email in your sent folder, you could resend to me so I can put it together this week?

    Thanks and sorry again,

    Amanda mandi_ae@hotmail.com

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  3. I am a;as a middle school teacher- language arts (and all that it entails)

    Thank you for taking an interest in our Writer’s Community. I hope you visit often and CLICK THE BLUE FROG to read the prose from our tiny community.

    If you are only a reader, all of our community will welcome your feedback. We love hearing form our readers!

    If you are a writer, please feel welcome to visit here weekly for a stab at finding a prompt that will wet-your-whistle and get some creative juices flowing.

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  4. Trust the process! Thank you, I lost that one over the years and it will come in handy. I have a posting that I have to write – process would rationalize the “have to” component. The only I can think of making this fun is if I turn it into a two parter. Maybe throw in a Linda Evans/Joan Collins from Dynasty catfight picture just, well just because it popped into my mind, oddly enough. Thanks for your invisible support, you remind me of when I would turn the dial on a transistor radio, and it would be static, and then I’d find music. The song that comes to mind is Misty Blue by Dorothy Moore….IPOD and stargazing time, thanks for your creative transmissions. Signal received.

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