Last Lonely Night

The broken children sought ancient wisdom on that last lonely night In the wild, fires burned and burned as smoldering sage laid claim to feral visions It was a myth, this call to salvation They poured through old text with feline eyes In darkness, they sought light In the midst of deception, they sought truth Promises of old were discarded to make way for the … Continue reading Last Lonely Night


Set upon the hall table sunlight streaming through grand windows I examined its cut glass corners and sparkling facets casting perfect rainbows the epitome of undefined living it just existed to be pretty to be admired to be coveted and so I swept it off that table with a steady hand it seemed a fitting punishment a valid reason the crash was magnificent lingering after … Continue reading Mending

After The Storm

Guess I should have known benediction lingers between light and shadow between elation and fury urging explicit emotion to rest as the embers of hellfires cool And like the wind caressing tender petals after that fierce storm redemption waits as the last wildflower loses its tremble and turns to face the sun Prophecy soaring on the silver wings of guardian angels renames fate, reconfiguring every … Continue reading After The Storm