Tender Warriors

tender leaves push through soil and shake off winter’s grip tiny tendrils reach for the old metal lattice, and quiver for just a moment — an almost imperceptible movement weighing the consequences life or death, persevere or wait to wither in the cool winds that blow finding purchase, they coil becoming one with iron bars a small victory a time to rest, the reward while … Continue reading Tender Warriors


Reposting a poem for 2017 for #ThrowbackFriday I bore witness as time swallowed them whole still shimmering, still breathing, still filled with life these folds of time capturing moments Gifts of the present preserving what will become the past I stole silent snapshots as the unsuspecting carried on ordinary lives My eyes more acute than the cameras snapping photos My ears more sensitive than microphones … Continue reading Snapshots

To Find Inspiration

  Washed in silence these long days my spirit seeks purpose within the isolation Somewhere there is music, a special turn of phrase washed in silence these long days I search for meaning in moonbeams and the sun’s warm rays if nothing else, nothing else, to find a foundation Washed in silence these long days my spirit seeks purpose within the isolation Image by Ambady … Continue reading To Find Inspiration

Not Today

*Reposting for #ThrowbackFriday I’ve just returned from the Austin International Poetry Festival. In an effort to catch up on various poetry prompts in honor of National Poetry Month, I’m reposting this poem. It is one I read in Austin. This prompt comes from Writer’s Digest, prompt for Day 2. No I won’t set my sight on tomorrow I won’t wonder if the path not taken would have led to greener … Continue reading Not Today

Dawn of the Butterfly

Inadvertently in limbo although she thought the transformation was complete, that this part of the story was told, a dream come true. She waited to fly as her wings dried in the morning sun and the future gathered enough details to design her destiny. When strong winds began to shake the tender branch on which she rested, she remembered: She was a butterfly, free to … Continue reading Dawn of the Butterfly


Midnight creeps silent, steady It whispers with the voice of a thousand ghosts Like a tree without leaves, it casts shadows of something it is not or something it could be It haunts the imagination, scurrying like mice in the attic, scratching in time with a beating heart Such is the transition from today into tomorrow I welcome the invitation and paint it with the … Continue reading Midnight

Simple Bouquets

Gather the blooms Let it rain, let it downpour We’ll brighten each day until the world resumes Even in darkness, there is more Let it rain, let it downpour We’ll celebrate each sunrise Even in darkness, there is more Simple pleasures and a sweet surprise We’ll celebrate each sunrise We’ll dance in every room Simple pleasures and a sweet surprise Gather the blooms   photo: … Continue reading Simple Bouquets

Memories of Home

Unaware the world has turned, these keepers of past days move between stalls in the old barn, seeping into cracked beams, sweeping across rough-hewn floors, surveying acres of woods just beyond and return to rest in the remnants of hay there in the corner, dark and damp, until they become one with spirits of horses that once lived here Their love of this space permeates … Continue reading Memories of Home