Back to School

Somewhere in the moments between July and August, there is a shift. It’s almost imperceptible, yet parents and children feel it. The laid-back vibe of summer becomes replaced with an anticipatory Back to School environment. It’s seasonal, cyclical, and unavoidable. “Back to School” sales explode in every medium like proverbial rabbits. Somewhere in the moments between August and September, school resumes, engaging entire populations in … Continue reading Back to School

Handmade Tales – Homemade Mozzarella

     We had a small, intimate wedding in our backyard. It was a family affair with everyone pitching in to help. My daughters were my bridesmaids, and my young nephew was the ring bearer. My son gave me away. We practiced marching down the aisle as my dad pretended to officiate. Accompanied by the music of Michael Buble, we sashayed through my parents’ garden, … Continue reading Handmade Tales – Homemade Mozzarella

Halloween and Hospitals

Another essay pulled from the shelf. This was written about my daughter in 2005.   It’s just after 5:30 on Halloween. I should be home getting my kids ready to go trick-or-treating. Instead, I’m on the seventh floor of the children’s hospital, listening to various machines hum and beep. My daughter was rushed here by ambulance yesterday morning with a severe asthma attack. She’s better … Continue reading Halloween and Hospitals

Trip to the Emergency Room

Motherhood is a curious thing – exhausting, consuming, sometimes frightening, often times rewarding. As my children reach the cusp of young adulthood, I’ve been reminiscing about the years that led us here. Feeling the need to go back to those days, I pulled a collection of old essays off the shelf. I wrote this almost exactly seven years ago when my son was ten. Seems … Continue reading Trip to the Emergency Room