Full Circle

If you wait long enough life comes full circle Each second ticks by meticulously measuring each step creating order amidst chaos With no regard for grand plans or purposeful intention things fall into place of their own accord while you ride rivers of white water pausing here and there in tidal pools, tranquil and calm that linger just before the highest waterfalls Sometimes you must … Continue reading Full Circle


Don’t ask about tomorrow Come dance with me This moment is all we need   Twirling round and round we release pure energy Rejoicing in the wonders of this day   Don’t ask me about tomorrow or where we go from here We’ll spin all our cares away   Let the music feed your soul As those powerful beats Keep time with the glory that … Continue reading Unwritten

The Choice

Originally posted on Writing and Reflections:
  The Choice   It’s a choice A conscious decision To stand in judgement Or open a heart   Within the iron walls of judgement Cowardice fuels hatred Fear consumes tolerance Righteousness contradicts hope   Within the warm walls of a heart Curiosity fuels understanding Empathy consumes fear Acceptance contradicts bigotry   Much easier to stand in judgement Never… Continue reading The Choice

After the Rain

Gentle rain falls washing away debris Remnants from more turbulent times sink into hardscrabble soil Provide much needed nutrients to transform depleted foundations into renewed resources Ready to host new life   Scarlet pink rays nuzzle gray skies Softening landscapes in a loving embrace Leaving the heavens to weep with joy As the tempest passes and the world is refreshed   In a home that … Continue reading After the Rain

Silent Screams

But sometimes the sounds – like the pain – faded, and then there was only the haze*   And other times those sounds – like old fears- exploded, and then there was only confusion   Auditory hallucinations Persuasive reporters from yesterday Transport each listener through the maze of muddled memories DAILY PROMPT   Take the first sentence from your favorite book and make it the first … Continue reading Silent Screams


When white-hot lightning of the angry sky defines its target and strikes with absolute precision   When interlocking rings of the snake’s tail rattle and buzz before the promised strike   When viscous strands of the spider’s web threatens to capture and hold me hostage   When the raised fist of my familiar enemy looms just above slicing the air as it meets its mark … Continue reading Surrender

I’m Still Here

  As I awaken to the early morning sun I see you   Your smile radiates such warmth I think I know you   Happy memories of yesterdays Crystal clear awareness of this day I remember how you held my hand   Will you take my hand now? I’ll hold yours in mine forever Even if the clouds roll back in tomorrow http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/return-address/ Alzheimer’s Association Continue reading I’m Still Here

More Than This

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRrT0Ak18Pc “I found a book that my mama kept Filled with secrets she hid And in a dusty old attic, one mornin’ I read About a woman I never met Who had dreams just like mine With every page that I turned, the words came alive” (Written by Liz Hengber, Deanna Bryant)   My mother is not a writer, but she is a brilliant individual. … Continue reading More Than This