Fear is a faceless mask a deity relishing misplaced power the precipice of success viewed from dizzying heights can make knees buckle if one is bent on looking down a true masterpiece ruined viewed as random brushstrokes slightly askew off center if one is trapped in perceptions of perfection Ah, but the sculptor molds beauty as viewed from a place of expression personal interpretation evolving … Continue reading Perspectives

Imagined Lives

Saw him pushing that cart, his home base Bottles and cans shifted as he struggled with one wheel spinning in the wrong direction Was this the life he imagined? Followed her down the aisles as she carefully chose a bouquet of flowers Something in her smile, the one that never reached her eyes, made me wonder about her journey Was this the life she imagined? … Continue reading Imagined Lives


Stop don’t run away We can move mountains if you just stay Don’t run away we can find our way back believe and meet me midway We can move mountains with hope and whispered prayers we’ll throw coins in all the fountains If you stay the world can turn around we’ll right every promise betrayed Stay photo: Pixabay prompt: 2016 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day … Continue reading Stay