Of Hope

  Lingering illusion just out of reach a flimsy attempt at salvation lingering just out of reach Shifting reality with this invocation Hope is not that which lies ahead that flimsy attempt at salvation the engine that drives us instead a belief that anything is possible Hope is not that which lies ahead the power of Yes is unstoppable when shaped by faith in what … Continue reading Of Hope

Proving Grounds

  Better to be lost than found slipping into places where hard lines blur Rhythmic denial expected, a final proving ground Languid days designed to confound as impish ways sacrifice succor Better to be lost than found Rough and raw experiences abound Lessons learned no matter what may occur Rhythmic denial expected, this final proving ground High-pitched screaming such an eerie sound when mixed with … Continue reading Proving Grounds

Last Chance

I faced my last chance out there balancing on the edge Wind whipping, biting at exposed flesh The storm was brewing I teetered, I swayed as this last chance uncovered fleeting moments of clarity A break in darkened skies Once vacant eyes sought this last chance that beckoned illuminated by white hot lightning that pierced the heavy air I embraced renewal designed by this last … Continue reading Last Chance