Not Today

I’ve just returned from the Austin International Poetry Festival. In an effort to catch up on various poetry prompts in honor of National Poetry Month, I’m reposting this poem. It is one I read in Austin. This prompt comes from Writer’s Digest, prompt for Day 2. No I won’t set my sight on tomorrow I won’t wonder if the path not taken would have led to greener pastures No, not … Continue reading Not Today

Our Time

Do you hear time? Memories disperse like crumbs on water, hoping to feed the soul’s hunger A need to validate even an inconsequential life Established with each new breath and defined by the last, it passes, deliberately partitioning experiences A rhythmic beat reckons gains and losses Did it loiter, sweet honey dripping from the hive, as the comfort of the day murmured reassurance Did it … Continue reading Our Time


In a time set long ago before clocks ticked away minutes and days stretched long, anticipating adventures yet created, gratitude was a sun-soaked sky and the aroma of freshly cut grass filling the air Simple was enough and knowing nothing else, I was thankful In a time set by clocks sounding alarms for the weary and days marked by misadventures, stretching far and wide gratitude was … Continue reading Gratitude

Bitter Truths

At first touch, minute by minute worlds are created built on foundations made from words slipped from mouths tasting new experiences With focused attention lingering on the unimportant the solid base is just an illusion bidding time on shaking ground as idle hours, lost forever, pass by Ah, but the power these words hold Promises laid bare, warm and soft so blind to the possibility … Continue reading Bitter Truths

Dream Receiver

Inspired by prospects of raw freedom, she leaned into every curve With wind whipping through her loose hair, she never felt more alive Riding through a winter wonderland, she became a chance believer She became a dream receiver The frosty night air caressed her with its magical touch and each star in the open sky marked possibilities Leaving miles behind her, she was free Life … Continue reading Dream Receiver