Reposting to meet today’s Daily Prompt Silence Cuts with more precision than the most accomplished executioner’s guillotine Amputates what is left of tenuous associations   Silence Radiates with more antagonism than the most blood-thirsty dictator’s decree Annihilates what is left of incommensurable lives   Silence Consumes with more indifference than the most proficient predator’s lair Immolates what is left of disintegrating liaisons   Passively aggressive … Continue reading Silence


Like vignettes from a horror movie permanently on replay the images flash across the screen once, twice, now almost daily The debate among pundits continues two steps forward and one step back spinning wheels creating trails of blue and red smoke The tears of yet another family fall too many names carved on a growing list Each someone’s Everything as we sit by helplessly Hearts … Continue reading Madness

Crashing Down

Bitterness like high-octane fuel needs just a spark of wrenching disappointment to set a world ablaze   Animosity like deeply compressed coal needs just a convergence of repeated altercations to reduce histories to ash   Failure like high tension wire needs just another squawking bird adding an ounce of added weight to make everything come crashing down Continue reading Crashing Down