Those final hours a time for reflection bitterness swathed in pitiful introspection he ticked off each sin enjoying the wrath his power incurred he’d lost sight of this world too late, regret deferred arrogance tightly bound and furled Greed fueled his lust for more pride came at a high cost he knew not was in store as Judgement named what was lost Confronted by the … Continue reading Abandonment

False Starts

Artificial attempts scrape the surface of real work Driving until bald tires blowout does not consider miles traveled instead only highlights losing sight of that goal Victory, undoubtedly found, happens when you replace those wheels and embrace the propensity of hope photo:Pixabay prompts: Poets on the Page, Five Minute Friday/Write 31 Days, #PoetteerChat, WP Daily Post, #PoeVerse Continue reading False Starts

Whistle Stop

Dismissed as idle waves dangerous demigods preach denouncing the logic I crave delivering falsehoods in every speech Is there any hope if one is blindly followed in desperate attempts to cope its poison willingly swallowed So many flaws in the plastic veneer subtle messages and direct threats combine sadly mobs emulate that sneer stepping over every line Off that cliff we go overturned by misperception … Continue reading Whistle Stop

Following Footsteps

Followed disappearing footsteps in the sand slipped on rocks wet with morning dew followed disappearing footsteps in the sand dreams just out of reach I pursue almost unlocked the secrets and then slipped on rocks wet with the morning dew Still, I climbed again, again, and again in the park where millions roam almost unlocked the secrets and then succumbed to lost soul’s syndrome Nevertheless … Continue reading Following Footsteps


A million stars illustrate possibilities a row of white oleander sets boundaries words from ancient texts to share wisdom pages torn from the daily news to define contrast A balance swinging good and evil right and wrong gain and loss eternity rolls choices rock infinity rules with pure energy photo: Pixabay prompts: Poets on the Page, Five Minute Fridays/Write 31 Days, WP Daily Post, Verse … Continue reading Balance

Counting to Ten

Catch my breath, count to ten waiting to make sense of the senseless Fact and fiction blend One more minute waiting two different ways to see life so sweet, if only my knees would stop shaking Three corners in the same angle four sides to every box I’ll take my chances time to disentangle Time ticking fast Hands gripping, conventions smashed Adventure, my new neighbor … Continue reading Counting to Ten

Runaway Train

Can’t get off this train barreling down tracks skewed a little to the left, to the right Meticulously laid by those who create the future while running from the past In-depth plans malleable trusting in blind faith and blank stares of willing riders unaware as they crash photo: Pexels prompts: Poets on the Page, Five Minute Fridays/Write 31 Days, WP Daily Post, #PoetteerChat Continue reading Runaway Train


Fragile faith shattered as the sunrise bled through darkness a solitary candle offered a glimpse of light, flickering Regret, an option far wiser than despair, played in the shadows that single piece of mail shredded beneath a cold window Shameful as it might be, what was passed was decidedly in the past And so she welcomed the new day filling her space with hope photo: … Continue reading Decree

Cuckoo’s New Song

Sometimes that old cuckoo refuses to sing, aware that robbed time can create a most beautiful mess Sometimes those rivers of time flowing swiftly by get stuck in clumsy eddies, creating nature’s nurseries of future plans Sometimes, somehow the prospect of a quiet pause proposes a reconsideration of each projection and each intention, making room for a new song photo: mine prompts: Poets on the Page, Five … Continue reading Cuckoo’s New Song

Mea Culpa

If only I had words I’d arrange the letters and write promises across the sky If only I had the brush of an artist I’d stroke vibrant colors and paint your picture by the sea If only I had the eyes of a prophet I’d find the answers to every question and see the shelter in the storm If only I had been strong, if … Continue reading Mea Culpa


Originals, just a memory tender spring greens hidden beneath burnt orange harbingers of death But to give thanks for this rich palette, celebrating all that was in comforting hues… such is my call Subdued, my worry subsides as I live in this moment anointed in its splendor, inoculated from the cold which follows photo: Pixabay prompts: Poets on a Page, Five Minute Fridays/31 Days, #Poetteer Chat, … Continue reading Autumn


Ssshh…. Come closer I’ve got a secret It’s over, I’ve found closure All the times you told me dreams were meant for fools and I believed you, I believed you Yeah, I obeyed all the rules Wasn’t it a slow spiral that spin down the wrong path almost lost my way following you almost let my hopes crash But then I took a chance pinned … Continue reading Ssshh…

Lost Souls

As darkness settles in, the moon casting light on this barren landscape, my grief weighs heavy rendering my skin porous, my reason to be spilling from a heart that bleeds As the sun creeps over that endless horizon, mocking me, mocking I muddle through the day searching for ways to stop the evening call from arriving because it is each sleepless night that haunts me, … Continue reading Lost Souls

A Matter of Taste

It’s all the same except when it’s not A taste of forbidden fruit, sweet except when it’s not That half-moon wheel of pungent cheese, exquisite except when it’s not the lure of an impeccable blend of flavors and a plate of colors meant to entice, seductive except when they are not Perhaps a test… because sometimes that bounty of sweetness borders on bitter and the … Continue reading A Matter of Taste

New Days

Courting the desire to slip on something new a new day a new thought a new identity a new way of being a new me a new you Tantalizing possibilities provoke action interest builds interest grows interest blossoms interest fosters action a new you a new me Even if uncomfortable that leap is tempting expectations set expectations defined expectations expect expectations linger a new me … Continue reading New Days

After All

Embracing an empty space, that small hollow between dreams and reality, the path to success shines and might not be so scary after all Because when silence fills that void and rushes in on angel wings, tender voices whisper simple answers — always there after all And when all the sharp edges the cage of hesitation built fall away slowly, steadily, new open spaces emerge … Continue reading After All