Faithful Companions

Poem from December 2014 for Throwback Friday An old man whistles as he shuffles down the sidewalk Each step an effort The effects of time his constant companion A well-lived life his source of inspiration   His old dog limps along beside him Each step an effort Still he follows A loyal companion His well-lived life with his gentle Master   They make quite a … Continue reading Faithful Companions

Missed Alarms

One of my favorites from 2014 for Throwback Friday Expelled from the hazy, lazy shangri-la of sleep Awareness settles in… slowly, faintly, persistently Cool morning air invades warm blankets Piercing the cocoon While whistling robins heckle   Plunged into the stark, absolute reality of failed alarms Panic reigns…pointedly, vehemently, completely Soft bare feet stomp hard wooden floors Breaking the barrier Between fragmented fantasies and frenzied … Continue reading Missed Alarms

Some are Blue

Heartbroken, in a state that somehow exists in the spaces between each day, each hour, while we count the losses and trip on blessings we resolve to hold Disappointment breathes and moves and dictates like a grand conductor on a broken stage shining light into every corner as even dust turns into daggers Ethereal, this world covered in heavy fog and perpetual rain and sunny … Continue reading Some are Blue


Reposting an old poem from last year’s #OctPoWriMo, first posted on 10/26/17 Finding connection between courage and caution Silent moments resonate in naked reflection In this dream, the blind see   Undiscovered sacrifice comes knocking every so often Summoning the sun as skies drizzle, I curse my imperfection Finding connection between courage and caution   In a quiet room, I pray on bended knee Waiting, … Continue reading Illumination

Lonesome Loser

In time, he was once, twice, three times afflicted Burdened with a broken heart built to appease some wondered what scenes his mind’s eye depicted Loneliness, an excruciating disease When her false light found purchase in his darkness he blindly caressed and nurtured it with ease Damned to fantasy, empty like a harkness he courted each one, determined to impress until each rejection reveled in … Continue reading Lonesome Loser


Words spoken don’t always make it so Rather, action is the harbinger of truth revealed layer by layer petal by petal moment by moment Behavior bears fruit to stoke the fires of redemption of motivation of creation It’s a dance spinning out of control designed to chase away every demon A cathartic salve it soothes those deep wounds hidden in unsent letters and private rants framed … Continue reading Harbinger


a look a particular sound the way a sunbeam stretches                       across a dusty floor   triggers   pictures tilted on their hooks worn out shoes by the back door a burning candle on a chipped dish     sending ribbons of smoke into stale air   triggers   hands around my throat in a self-defense class     hands gripping my wrist         hands twisting … Continue reading Triggers

Silence of Truth

  I believe you I understand the power of silence Silence sometimes bathed in hostility Silence sometimes viewed from the inside looking out Out of need driven by organized chaos Out of necessity dictated by denial Denial blossoms in a closet of secrets Denial weaves webs of misdirected power Power destroyed by me Power destroyed by you You join the chorus as I sing your … Continue reading Silence of Truth

After the Rain

After the rain it all looked different, a reprieve Those city streets covered in grease and grime sparkling just enough to make us believe   Cracked and broken sidewalks glistened on a midsummer’s eve almost beautiful, washed clean of blood and crime After the rain it all looked different, a reprieve   That driving storm hid mothers who grieve Strobes of police lights fading in … Continue reading After the Rain

The Quest

Embarking on a quest, one that’s been calling my name Need to find that place where parallel lines intersect Time to live life from the inside out Adventure’s whispering, cautiously creeping, staking a claim Bare feet stomping on shards of glass, no need to be circumspect Embarking on a quest, one that’s been calling my name Been a long, long time coming, mine that is … Continue reading The Quest


I’ve spent too much time walking the floor in the middle of the night quietly carving a path to mark each heartache As the rest of the family sleeps, blissfully unaware of troubles that steal my chance for respite, I wear out oak planks with the weight of burdens at times too heavy to bear Such troubles are all too common as we, mothers and … Continue reading Insomnia