Raging Rivers

Like cold air settling in, settling on, stealing away each remnant of summer’s warmth, realization of divergent paths awakened in waves faster than the swift water that tumbled over the stones we laid in the stream by our house Chilled as we were, we stacked each log on that fire, trying to stoke hidden embers buried in mountains of cooled ash Smoke signaled our demise, … Continue reading Raging Rivers


Love’s antithesis is not hate It’s the apathy that follows celebrating hollow victories The affair once blessed becomes the break-up twice cursed as wedding bells signify the boxer’s next round Devils may cry tears of joy reveling in sins of the night and shadow dancers but hers are depleted Tangled first kisses and stolen moments set the stage for destruction, swinging on a balance as … Continue reading L’affaire

Let It Burn

Sometimes I set my world on fire just to watch it burn The conflagration, that cleansing flame, reduces everything to ash until nothing is left except the spark that gave birth to the blaze Sometimes I destroy walls around my city just to watch them fall The rubble, that beautiful ruin, reduces everything to the sum of its pieces until nothing is left except the … Continue reading Let It Burn

The Rescue

Danger lurked all around So close its very being stole my will with a warmth that deceived even as it caressed the nape of my neck   It meandered in slowly so as to stay hidden as my world slowly slipped away moment by moment and blow by blow   Not a crisis but rather a slow-motion crescendo that grew season upon season year upon … Continue reading The Rescue

Secrets Revealed

Shrouded in mystery revealed to only one Seeking respite from burdens carried too long   Cautiously shared relying on another Anointing power with faith taken for granted   Received with respect pledging to uphold Accepting responsibility despite weakness in character flawed from inception   Revealed via whispers rippling in waves Cascading betrayals across boundaries of friendship damaged beyond repair DAILY PROMPT Locked and Sealed Can … Continue reading Secrets Revealed


Discord breeds bitterness Resentment grows like Black mold hidden in dark corners Putrid, contaminated, fractured remnants Of that which was once Harmonious   Silent accusations bounce off collapsing dreams Walls of defense grow like Kudzu vines claiming the landscape Austere, apathetic, caustic acknowledgement Of that which is now Forsaken   Common ground laid in ruin Divergent paths beckon Lest the acrimony consume all In a … Continue reading Disintegration