Change of Seasons

Autumn whispers as I hang the moon just so to mark the edge of summer and promised dreams and waxing dreams and those promised dreams Borrowed from nothing built on everything being in the sky, somehow being of the sky intentions wait Autumn whispers, it beckons as I release old seasons and soar Image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay prompts: Go Dog Go Tuesday Writing … Continue reading Change of Seasons


Any day, any time now before it’s too late change will come   Delays battle deadlines even on a small scale Frustration is inevitable   Garner that resolve, hunker down for the long haul Inspiration is borne of patience   Justice knows no bounds kneeling before righteousness Long for vindication too long coming   Many might reconsider not willing to endure old-fashioned hard work   … Continue reading Resolve


The cat is gone The porcelain beauty keeping vigil in the backyard atop a cracked boulder and flanked by a faded pinwheel Even the plastic flowers…gone Taking for granted, this guardian of someone’s beloved pet who greeted me each morning as I parked my car beside the dilapidated house next to my school I didn’t consider it might disappear Stealing my breath for just a … Continue reading Progress