Seeking Bridges

When the sound of a slamming door echoes for too long, it reveals truths only a healed heart can hear Because before it closed, it framed the gateway to promises made and dreams held, somehow innocent in intention Because as it closed, it carried the weight of differences unreconciled and frailty revealed, somehow reinforced in anger Because after it closed, it defined the difference of … Continue reading Seeking Bridges


The cat is gone The porcelain beauty keeping vigil in the backyard atop a cracked boulder and flanked by a faded pinwheel Even the plastic flowers…gone Taking for granted, this guardian of someone’s beloved pet who greeted me each morning as I parked my car beside the dilapidated house next to my school I didn’t consider it might disappear Stealing my breath for just a … Continue reading Progress

Shades of Blue

Once I gazed into my crystal ball Clutched it in my clammy hands and willed it to reveal the future The absence of clear visions reflected my absolute lack of power Frustration welled deep within and burst through those shaky hands I shook it, cursing its honesty I slammed it, mourning my losses I buried it in the muck In the rebirth of Spring I … Continue reading Shades of Blue

Full Circle

If you wait long enough life comes full circle Each second ticks by meticulously measuring each step creating order amidst chaos With no regard for grand plans or purposeful intention things fall into place of their own accord while you ride rivers of white water pausing here and there in tidal pools, tranquil and calm that linger just before the highest waterfalls Sometimes you must … Continue reading Full Circle


It’s waiting that is most difficult My stomach churns as I force each breath to leave my compressed chest and gasp, starved for the next shaky inhalation Emotion becomes its own entity A twisted tangle of dreams, fears, anticipation that crushes awareness of anything else I am weightless as I meander through surreal days Years upon years striving toward this goal that many times seemed … Continue reading Graduation

Yin Yang

Juxtaposition A powerful tool skillfully used to compare the passion that fuels both love and hatred the fluid line between right or wrong the broken boundaries of ideology and reality the frayed edges connecting my side with yours   Attempting to gather insight when weighing options Agonizing dilemmas battle in a troubled mind Employing complicated comparisons only works when a willingness to surrender allows karma … Continue reading Yin Yang

In Due Time

So it begins Simple in its beauty Like fresh linen tablecloths on an old picnic table Crisp like the apples that hang from a nearby tree Hard-earned wrinkles will develop in due time   Developing slowly Layers of complications grow Like weeds in the garden multiplying exponentially Prowling like feral cats that sneak in the night Wells needed to sustain life run dry in due … Continue reading In Due Time