Reposting to meet today’s Daily Prompt Silence Cuts with more precision than the most accomplished executioner’s guillotine Amputates what is left of tenuous associations   Silence Radiates with more antagonism than the most blood-thirsty dictator’s decree Annihilates what is left of incommensurable lives   Silence Consumes with more indifference than the most proficient predator’s lair Immolates what is left of disintegrating liaisons   Passively aggressive … Continue reading Silence

Transforming Landscapes

In a frozen world bound by rigid rules a stark landscape leaves no room for expansion beyond ice-covered walls   Fear of failure makes the likelihood of escape as remote as a tiny seed finding enough purchase to grow in that requisitioned tundra   With a burning desire to cultivate a meaningful existence framed within a warmer climate Ambition fuels the fire that transforms frigid … Continue reading Transforming Landscapes