Mother’s Pride

Smiles and a promise back when time moved slowly… delicious in daily tasks satisfying in simplicity Sometimes we’d sleep on the porch lit with candles and let the ocean breeze wash away our troubles Single-handed focus on dreams meant for a life we had planned, not knowing where our path would lead, back when the future was yet reimagined Somehow we made it through twists … Continue reading Mother’s Pride

Protector of Her Dreams

Childhood memories carved on her heart The only home she ever knew Keeper of her story, protector of her dreams Mint green walls and open windows Lace curtains blowing in the gentle breeze caress porcelain dolls bearing witness from dusty shelves Revisiting summers spent along the shore when cool ocean waters provided the backdrop to youthful expeditions chasing the perfect tan As the sun set … Continue reading Protector of Her Dreams


In her I see myself Traces of the past Fragments of my being Bonded by shared auras   At times I want to hold her close Protect her from the storm Shield her from my mistakes   At times I want her to fly Understand her need for freedom Know some souls aren’t meant to be bound   At times I want to laugh Remember … Continue reading Daughters