Before Flight

I suppose it’s well enough for now this departure from reality It’s well enough for now Ensconced in a world of strained repartee true believers cast a spell, an ordination in this departure from reality Packaged and sold as one’s vocation Weak and weary accept the transition as true believers cast that spell, an ordination Fact and fiction dance in this place, a juxtaposition and … Continue reading Before Flight

Sour Grapes

That I take umbrage would be insufficient a description of behavior that fuels fires burning beneath my cauldron red-hot with rage How my blood boils incited by accusations uttered by those who only know abuse of power while collecting souls of the naïve Speaking from both sides of one mouth, they condemn freely while encouraging deceit openly Daring the concourse to slip and disavow the … Continue reading Sour Grapes


He sits on his appointed throne, throwing bones on the fire He knows no cold, no discomfort Sits back to watch the flames grow and cast shadows on neighboring walls Just beyond his darkness, children shiver Safe within crumbling cornerstones, traces of forgotten obligations ignite There is no remorse, no contrition as he slips unseen to watch the blaze envelop and create chaos in sanctified … Continue reading Indifference


Expectations set but not always met When grand propositions carefully laid out are not quite enough When the finish line remains just out of reach And the best intentions fall short   Time whirls in reverse Carving a trail of disillusion   Each failure scrolls across the sky Announcing defeat Like fireworks across a cluttered battlefield Weary and wounded A shuddered sigh wracks a tired … Continue reading Disillusion