Sometimes dreams take shape in the afterglow of a cleansing fire Hope borne from the ashes of grand plans marries naked ambition This, the inception of new found goals, flourishes   When burdens are abandoned and initial reluctance is buried, Possibility becomes a mantra and even the weary find the strength to race the wind   In the formation of wide-open tomorrows each trapped shiver … Continue reading Persistence


I dreamt of my past last night… the ultimate paradox that place where my dreams lived when all the edges were smooth and promises opened to possibilities that blossomed in the night where even the tension that beckoned each morning serves now as my muse and the drama it owned told stories that would fill any playhouse with audiences who urged the ingénue to bite … Continue reading Paradox


Haunted by this uncertain feeling I dream of running, running away Visions of another life, revealing   And so I teeter on the edge, kneeling Finding purchase on glass bridges as they sway Haunted by this uncertain feeling   A future reflected in canyons below… calling, squealing Released from confines of expectations, I stray Visions of another life, revealing   Walking in shadows and slowly … Continue reading Resolution

Shop of Dreams

He’s the shopkeeper of dreams trying to provide a leg up and a bit of courage to those afraid to do more than peer in the window Meeting her nervous smile with his own warm grin he invites her in Look around, he says, everything you need is here, the sky’s the limit She peruses the stacked shelves and gathers a boxes labeled Courage, Support, … Continue reading Shop of Dreams