Just for today your eyes are focused Do you see me? All those days spent trapped in your world Do you recognize me? Haunted by memories of yesterdays frustrated by forgotten todays Do you remember how I held your hand? Hold on to this moment We’ll savor it together Until the clouds roll back in tomorrow Alzheimer’s Association *I’m reposting this today because I’m … Continue reading Forget-Me-Nots

If We Were Having Coffee, July 21st

If we were having coffee today, July 21st, I’d invite you to sit on the patio with me. We’ve been having a heatwave with temperatures reaching 100+ but with my huge umbrella and a fan, it’s bearable. This week promises to bring more reasonable weather. I’d rather sit in this heat than take winter’s cold anyway. Would you? If I had to summarize this summer … Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee, July 21st

If We Were Having Coffee, April 20, 2019

If we were having coffee today, April 20th, I’d invite you to sit in the backyard with me. The weather has finally turned and even though it’s has been a bit rainy, the fresh air feels refreshing. As we sipped our coffee and enjoyed this delicious cinnamon bread, I’d tell you how very busy I’ve been and ask what you’ve been up to lately. We … Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee, April 20, 2019

Weekend Coffee Share, May 9

  If we were having coffee today, May 9th, I would apologize for my tardiness. It was another busy weekend. We had a family brunch on Sunday. We get together each year to honor my grandparents. How I miss them, but there’s comfort in knowing they would have loved this annual event. Most of the children in the family were born after my grandmother passed … Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share, May 9

If We Were Having Coffee, Easter 2018

If we were having coffee, I would invite you in and wish you a Happy Easter. We’d make this a short visit because I’m off soon to celebrate this holiday at my sister’s house. I’d ask about your family traditions and tell you a little about mine. Coming from a large family, our holidays are always filled with noise, chaos, and plenty of food. My … Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee, Easter 2018


  I bore witness as time swallowed them whole still shimmering, still breathing, still filled with life these folds of time capturing moments Gifts of the present preserving what will become the past I stole silent snapshots as the unsuspecting carried on ordinary lives My eyes more acute than the cameras snapping photos My ears more sensitive than microphones recording laughter I heard the breath … Continue reading Snapshots

Summer Memories

They used to take us to the beach on Sundays. My grandfather’s rust-colored Oldsmobile packed to overflowing, a cooler filled with cooked chicken, polpette, and roasted peppers in the trunk. Glass jars filled with water jostled next to mini-bottles of cola and brown paper sacks bursting with peaches, plums, and blood-red cherries. Beach chairs – the kind with woven plastic ribbons of aqua and white … Continue reading Summer Memories

Family Ties

Elusive, like shadows in the water Static electricity that hums just before it sparks A vanishing point that disappears just beyond awareness There’s an invisibility to it, this connection A chain-reaction that builds as one after another after another is born to women who are sisters, to women who are daughters in a family creating its own legacy Bonds illuminated by the blood they share … Continue reading Family Ties

Going Home

Sometimes I slip back to that place where troubles can’t intrude My mother’s garden, filled with flowers and lace In need of respite from life’s fast pace I wander and let waves wash over this unsettled mood Sometimes I slip back to that place In search of comfort, it’s childhood footsteps I trace to release these problems I’ve accrued My mother’s garden, filled with flowers … Continue reading Going Home

Silent Battles

She suffers in silence, alone Her outward appearance, deceptive as her body wages war on itself crippling joints, a slow-motion stranglehold   Her outward appearance, deceptive Some days are good while others succumb to that slow-motion stranglehold as it tightens its grip Her counter attack, a cornucopia of pills — yellow, pink, orange   Still, some days are good enough to balance those when she … Continue reading Silent Battles


His name means “God is gracious” and on that quiet night when we met again by chance I believed it Stunned by the appearance of this beautiful young man I was flooded with memories of the boy that filled my life with love and laughter Oh how my heart ached as I reached to embrace him time and time and time again Trying to bridge … Continue reading Connections


Connected through generations our lives are woven together like the vines that wrap around ancient fig trees standing proud in her homeland Born when dreams of reprieve from la miserie were quickly dashed and the great migration began She began a life as one among many trying to set roots to support growing branches  Joining hands with her love they traveled across the great ocean … Continue reading Generations

Back to School

Somewhere in the moments between July and August, there is a shift. It’s almost imperceptible, yet parents and children feel it. The laid-back vibe of summer becomes replaced with an anticipatory Back to School environment. It’s seasonal, cyclical, and unavoidable. “Back to School” sales explode in every medium like proverbial rabbits. Somewhere in the moments between August and September, school resumes, engaging entire populations in … Continue reading Back to School


In her I see myself Traces of the past Fragments of my being Bonded by shared auras   At times I want to hold her close Protect her from the storm Shield her from my mistakes   At times I want her to fly Understand her need for freedom Know some souls aren’t meant to be bound   At times I want to laugh Remember … Continue reading Daughters

Still Alice

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, “Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States and the only cause of death among the top 10 in the United States that cannot be prevented, cured or even slowed.” My grandfather was diagnosed with dementia in 1995. At that time an official diagnosis of Alzheimer’s was suspected, but could not be confirmed without an autopsy. … Continue reading Still Alice