Second Opinions

Human beings are innately social creatures. From birth, we find ourselves belonging to a series of associations. We spend our lives striving to make connections, whether personally, professionally, or spiritually. Moving among family ties, peer groups,  work organizations, and interest based alliances, we spend our time interacting with others with whom we share a common interest.  As we traverse this endless cycle, it is only … Continue reading Second Opinions

Handmade Tales – Homemade Mozzarella

     We had a small, intimate wedding in our backyard. It was a family affair with everyone pitching in to help. My daughters were my bridesmaids, and my young nephew was the ring bearer. My son gave me away. We practiced marching down the aisle as my dad pretended to officiate. Accompanied by the music of Michael Buble, we sashayed through my parents’ garden, … Continue reading Handmade Tales – Homemade Mozzarella