Brothers in Spirit

They were brothers in spirit Been friends forever, never found one without the other Always there for each other, even when dark times came to visit Belief and trust were implicit Caught between broken barriers and abandoned words They tried to find their way, letting shattered promises ricochet Worked to hide the hurt as crying voices went unheard Had to look deep to find the … Continue reading Brothers in Spirit

Seeking Bridges

When the sound of a slamming door echoes for too long, it reveals truths only a healed heart can hear Because before it closed, it framed the gateway to promises made and dreams held, somehow innocent in intention Because as it closed, it carried the weight of differences unreconciled and frailty revealed, somehow reinforced in anger Because after it closed, it defined the difference of … Continue reading Seeking Bridges

Teen-Aged Memories

Exploring the world with the bravado of youth we traversed days with intention I still feel the heat oozing from hot pavement as we logged miles on flimsy flip-flops aggressively moving toward no place in particular I remember the rush of dancing on the dark side meeting at that old bridge to grab bottles left just underneath gifted by boys not much older I remember … Continue reading Teen-Aged Memories

White Lies

In preparation for a unit on The Cay , I provided my seventh grade class with a belief assessment list. They had evaluate each statement and decide whether they agreed. One of the statements was “True friends never lie to each other.” It was fascinating to watch my group of fourteen students select opposite sides of the room, almost equally. Many felt that it was … Continue reading White Lies

Everyone Needs A Friend Like This

A recent article by Will Dunham states that “people are apt to pick friends who are genetically similar to themselves – so much so that friends tend to be as alike at the genetic level as a person’s fourth cousin.” Is it familiarity that brings such comfort? There’s something about spending time with friend that soothes the soul. I met a good friend this morning … Continue reading Everyone Needs A Friend Like This